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Spanish Lotteries Welcome in 2013 With Huge Prizes

This festive season, all eyes have been on the two annual Spanish lotteries named the El Gordo (nicknamed The Fat One due to its €2.5 billion prize pool) and the El Niño (referred to as The Little One, due to its jackpot of a lesser €840 million). The El Gordo was played on 22nd December 2012, and the El Niño shortly afterwards on the Epiphany, which is the 6th January 2013. With players from all around the world attracted by the immense prize pools, we take a look at the Spanish reaction to the lotteries this year.

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Spanish version of in now live

Today a new feature becomes available for Spanish readers at; the newly translated versions of all the lotteries available at are now live. Our Spanish lotto players can now view many of the lottery games listed in their native tongue at making understanding the rules and game play easier with no risk of anything being ‘lost in translation’! Whilst we have yet to complete all of the translations, these are being worked on by the team in the office.

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