Powerball Results for Wednesday January 1st 2014

Powerball Results

Here are the winning numbers from the Powerball Results for Wednesday 01/01/2014. Along with the winning numbers for this draw you will find details about the top tier prizes for tonight’s Powerball draw as well as a draw schedule showing the days of the week that the Powerball draw takes place:

Main Balls: 15 – 24 – 40 – 48 – 52
Powerball: 23

Powerball Prize Breakdown for 1/1/2014

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Powerball $50,000,000 0It’s a Rollover!
Match 5 $1,000,000 0
Match 4 plus Powerball $10,000 18
Match 4 $100.00 460

A more detailed prize breakdown for tonight’s Powerball results can be found at www.lotto.net. Next Powerball Draw is on Saturday January 11th 2014
and next Powerball Jackpot is currently estiamted at a staggering $60,000,000. You can also buy your Powerball ticket online for the next Powerball draw at www.lotto.net

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

I hope you had good luck in Tonight’s Powerball draw!

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