Could A German Christmas Lottery Match El Gordo’s Success?

Germany looks set to introduce a new Christmas Lottery in the style of Spain’s world-renowned El Gordo de Navidad. Reports suggest the game will launch this year after being developed in a bid to create lots of big winners and benefit good causes.

The Navidad Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Hamburg, first announced in 2016 that it had been granted a licence to run a German Christmas Lotto or Weihnachtslotto. The preparatory work is understood to have been ongoing for the past few months and fans in Germany will now be looking forward to the possibility of playing at the end of this year.

The annual draw has been inspired by the Spanish Christmas Lottery and, according to rumours, will follow a similar format. El Gordo is more of a raffle than a lottery, with thousands of prizes guaranteed and communities winning colossal sums of money together. It generates incredible excitement across Spain on 22nd December every year, with at least 75% of the population thought to take part.

The primary purpose of a German Christmas Lotto would be to support worthy causes and the Navidad Foundation is committed to helping projects in scientific investment, research, education, art and culture.

You can find out more about the German Christmas Lottery at, including how the game might work and frequently asked questions.

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