EuroMillions Superdraw To Be Held on Friday 15th November 2013

EuroMillions is hosting its third Superdraw of the year on Friday 15th November 2013 which will have a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (£80 million) to play for. Tickets for this mega jackpot draw can be purchased online now, so don’t delay, get your ticket today! EuroMillions Superdraw
EuroMillions Superdraws occur several times a year and occasionally coincide with special events on the EuroMillions calendar, such as an anniversary or public holiday. However, Superdraws can also be held when there is a surplus of extra cash in the prize fund. If a Superdraw jackpot isn’t won on the event night, then the entire top prize will roll over to the following draw, generating an even bigger jackpot and even more excitement.

Neither of the previous Superdraws held this year were won on the night and so both rolled over to create a bigger jackpot for the following draw. The first Superdraw, held on Friday 22nd March, rolled over once before being won the following Friday by a single French ticket holder who scooped the entire €132 million (£112 million) jackpot. The second Superdraw was held on Friday 7th June and rolled over for several more weeks before being won by two ticket holders from Ireland and Belgium who ended up sharing an incredible €187 million (£159 million)!

Whether next month’s Superdraw is won on the night or rolls over remains to be seen but there is one certainty – if you don’t buy a ticket you have no chance of winning! Visit the Lotto Tickets page to learn more about buying your EuroMillions tickets online and good luck!

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