Eurojackpot to Welcome Poland as 18th Country

Poland is to become Eurojackpot’s 18th participating country later this year following an announcement at the ninth European Lotteries Congress in Krakow. The game will be introduced to Poland in September, adding to the excitement of the popular multinational lottery.

Tickets will go on sale in Poland on Saturday 9th September, in time for participants from the country to play the game for the first time on Friday 15th September.

Eurojackpot was established in 2012 with 13 founding members – Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Spain joined later in the same year, followed by Czech Republic and Hungary in October 2014. Slovakia was the last country to start selling Eurojackpot tickets, in 2015.

Poland’s arrival will increase the number of potential Eurojackpot players considerably, as Germany, Italy and Spain are the only participating nations with larger populations. It should therefore result in bigger prize pools and mean that jackpots grow more quickly.

The European Lotteries Congress also featured talks about a number of other issues, as industry representatives from the European Lotteries Associations discussed the technological revolution and social responsibility. Hansjörg Höltkemeier was also elected as president of the group for a second term.

Eurojackpot draws take place every Friday night and offer a top prize of at least €10 million. A German player bagged €50.2 million on 26th May and came forward to collect his prize this week, revealing that he wanted to help children in need. Fans of the game can try to win great prizes by choosing numbers online or visiting authorised retailers in any of the participating countries.

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