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Special Christmas UK Lotto and EuroMillions Draws

UK Lotto and EuroMillions are celebrating Christmas 2013 by holding special Lotto Raffle and Millionaire Raffle draws.

The special UK Lotto draw will take place on Christmas Day with 500 Lotto Raffle prizes, worth £20,000 each, to be won. The Lotto Raffle, an additional game played alongside the main UK Lotto draw, was introduced in October 2013 and gives players the chance to win £20,000 by matching one of the codes drawn. Players receive one entry into the Lotto Raffle draw with every line of UK Lotto numbers that are purchased.

The festive EuroMillions draw offers twenty-five £1 million prizes in the Millionaire Raffle draw on New Year’s Eve. For players who are unfamiliar with the Millionaire Raffle, it is an additional draw following the main EuroMillions game and UK players get one free entry for each line of EuroMillions numbers purchased.

In addition to the raffle prizes, both of these Christmas draws will also give players the chance to win festive jackpots worth millions of pounds! Tickets for UK Lotto and EuroMillions draws can be purchased online via the Buy Tickets page or in person from an authorised lottery retailer.

For further details regarding these lottery games, including the latest results, visit the UK Lotto page or EuroMillions page.

Upcoming changes to Mega Millions jackpots, prizes, and odds

The Mega Millions miltistate lottery has announced  big changes to it’s jackpots, prizes, and odds which is going to come into effect on October 22nd 2013.

This change will see Mega Millions jackpot starting at $15 million instead of it’s current $12 million starting jackpot. The jackpot will also grow by at least $5 million every it fails to find a winner.

Non-jackpot prizes will be multiplied by a factor of five instead of the current multiplier of four if the winner purchased a Megaplier.

So, will the ticket price for Mega Millions increase?

No, ticket price will remain $1 for Mega Millions but to compensate the extra fund needed for the jackpot the odds of winning the jackpot will change from the current 1 in 175,711,536 to 1 in 258,890,850. Considering the double ticket price of the Powerball lottery ticket, this odd of winning the jackpot of Mega Millions lottery will still be better then the Powerball lottery odds .

From October 22nd 2013 Mega Millions players will choose their first five numbers from a pool of 75 instead of the current 56, then one further number – the Mega number – from a further choice of 1 – 15.

October 18th 2013 will be the last Mega Millions draw under the current game rule. You will find details Mega Millions results (winning numbers and prize breakdown) on

Unclaimed Lottery Prizes So Far This Year

Despite the thrill and excitement generated by playing lotteries, people often still forgot to do the one crucial thing they need to do after buying a ticket – check their numbers! When players do not check their lottery numbers, this leads to big prizes and jackpots going unclaimed and can mean that players could miss out on multi-million value prizes. There are a few unclaimed lottery prizes dating back to the festive period of 2012, so players – read on to find out which ones they are, and to check your tickets!

If we cast our memories back to the festive Euromillions draws of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, these midweek draws each saw 25 Christmas Millionaires made, with a total of 50 £1 million prizes up for grabs. There are three outstanding £1 million prizes still waiting to be claimed from the Christmas Day draw, and one from the New Year’s Day draw. If you bought UK Euromillions tickets for either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, you can check the Millionaire Raffle number against the draws on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day using our Euromillions Results Archive.

Also going unclaimed is a UK Lotto jackpot of £3,017,471 dating back to Saturday 2nd February 2013. This lucky ticket was purchased in the Tendring district of Essex, so if you remember buying a UK Lotto ticket from a petrol station, newsagents or supermarket in Tendring a fortnight ago, check your pockets, handbags and car glove compartment and see if you matched all six numbers! If your numbers were 2, 12, 13, 14, 21 and 30 you could be a secret millionaire!

However, jackpots are not the only prizes which go unclaimed. There are also several secondary tier prizes from the UK Lotto and the Euromillions currently unclaimed, with the unclaimed Euromillions prize dating back to 1st February 2013 and being worth £262,109. So, UK players are strongly advised to check their 2013 lottery tickets now, as you could be sitting on a million pound prize!

UK Lotto To See Big Changes

The organisers of the UK Lotto have announced that there will be some big, exciting new changes coming to the national lottery game this Autumn. There will be increased jackpots, a brand new Lotto Raffle game which will see 50 players win £20,000 on each draw date, plus a brand new increased sum for the Match 3 prize. However, these changes are being made at a price.

In order to make these changes, the cost of buying a lottery ticket will be increasing from £1 to £2 in the UK. However, in a similar way to the Euromillions and the Millionaire Raffle, this ticket price will include a raffle code for the Lotto Raffle, so players will actually have two chances of winning – once by matching the numbers to potentially win the jackpot, and once to match the raffle code to win the £20,000 prize.

The Lotto Plus 5 game will also be scrapped to make way for the new Lotto Raffle. The Lotto Plus 5 is currently played as a side game to the UK Lotto, and gives players another chance at winning a prize with their six UK Lotto numbers.

However, despite these changes, there will be some welcome increases – the jackpot on Wednesday draws will be increased from £2.2 million to £2.5 million, and the Saturday minimum jackpot will rise from £4.1 million to £5 million. Also, the prize for matching three numbers will go up from £10 to £25, and the Match 4 prize will grow from an average of £60 to an average of £100. These changes are expected to take effect in Autumn 2013, although there is no fixed date yet. Rest assured, when there is more news we at will bring it straight to you.

Pennsylvania Lottery To Be Taken Over By Camelot

The organisers of the UK Lotto, Camelot Global Services, have been granted a “notice of award” after their solo bid to take over the running of the Pennsylvania State Lottery was green lit by Governor Corbett this weekend. Camelot, whose major shareholders are the Ontario’s Teachers Pension Plan, and who run the UK National Lottery, consult on the Californian State Lotto and are recent recipients of the Responsible Gaming Award from the World Lottery Association, are expected to charge a management fee for their services, yet have pledged to substantially increase its revenue.

The news has been met with mixed feelings on each side of the Atlantic, with the Pennsylvania lottery workers said to be furious that their jobs will be privatised or even lost during the deal and Senate Democrats in the state discussing their dismay at the decision being made without their input. In the UK, however, Camelot are relishing the opportunity, especially as this could mean they could now enter the lucrative Powerball and MegaMillions ticket markets. Despite the mixed feelings, Corbett stands by his decision, claiming that Camelot’s excellent financial track record in the UK and California will help the ailing lottery generate the revenue it desperately needs.

Camelot’s plans for the Penn State Lotto includes the introduction of Keno to bars and restaurants, online access to games – which, we can imagine, would include the ability to purchase lottery tickets online, following in the footsteps of the Illinois Lottery – plus implementing a marketing strategy to attract a wider range of players. Camelot says they can increase revenues to a whopping $34 billion over the next 20 years. However, the Lottery Works Union is not as optimistic about the proposals, and is attempting to block the deal, calling it, “a midnight raid.”

We will bring you confirmation of the deal when it has been confirmed by both parties, which is expected to be in the next week or so.

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