Monthly Archives: January 2012

Russian Version of has Arrived first launched in November 2011 and ever since then this website has been constantly making additions and improvements. has made yet another change and it has launched a version in Russian. Previously we bought you news that versions of this site have launched in different languages, but with this new addition it means that users can now view lottery information in a total of six languages (English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch).

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Over the past few weeks has launched some new lotteries and also versions of its site in different languages and now some more changes have been made to this site. has now added the California Super Lotto to its Lotto results pages. This means that now the total number of lotteries available to view on stands at 17. is constantly striving to give its users the latest information regarding the various lotteries that can be found all over the world – so changes are continuously being made.

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New Additions to – New Zealand Lotto and Powerball is a site that aims to bring all of its users the most current and accurate knowledge of the various world lotteries. As there are so many lotteries available to play around the world, this site is forever growing in size and now there are some new additions to The New Zealand Lotto and New Zealand Powerball have both been introduced to the Lotto results pages, meaning that there are another two lotteries available for you to read information about.

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Italian version of launches

Recently we bought you news about launching a Spanish version of its website and now an Italian version of this site has been launched. This brand new feature to means that players who speak Italian can now view different lottery games in their first language. Having many of the various lotteries listed in this language means that players who struggle to read English can understand fully how the different games play out without misinterpreting the rules.

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