Monthly Archives: December 2011

Australia Powerball Lotto Lands at

The Australia Powerball lotto results are now available to our readers at, the most recent of lotteries to be added to our ever increasing portfolio of games from around the world.

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Spanish version of in now live

Today a new feature becomes available for Spanish readers at; the newly translated versions of all the lotteries available at are now live. Our Spanish lotto players can now view many of the lottery games listed in their native tongue at making understanding the rules and game play easier with no risk of anything being ‘lost in translation’! Whilst we have yet to complete all of the translations, these are being worked on by the team in the office.

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German Lotto from a New Player Perspective

As grows we are introducing more and more lottery details to the site; some of these lotteries we are quite familiar with but every now and again one will crop up that we have little knowledge about. The German Lotto was one such lottery game and whilst at first glance it all seemed pretty straightforward, similar to the UK Lotto game in fact, when researching the game it became apparent that there is more to the German Lotto than first meets the eye.

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