New Zealand Lotto and Powerball to Change in April

Lotto NZ have announced that a number of changes are set to be introduced this April to create bigger Powerball prizes and more Lotto winners. Chief executive Wayne Pickup is confident that the new innovations will boost a winning streak for players that has already seen over 770 players become millionaires, as well as raising even more money for local community projects.

The changes include a new, seventh prize division in New Zealand Lotto, so that anyone who matches three main numbers will receive a Lotto Bonus Ticket. There is also a promise of bigger prizes in New Zealand Powerball, with the jackpot able to grow up to NZ$50 million before it must be won, while it will also be possible to play Strike on its own.

There will be a series of new Dip options for players, and the price of tickets will be changing to raise money for the bigger prizes. Lotto will now cost 70c per line and Powerball 80c per line.

The first draw under the new rules will be on Wednesday 5th April, after a special Powerball and Strike draw on Saturday 1st April where the jackpot must be won. The latest changes follow on from the introduction of a second weekly Lotto draw in October 2015.

Pickup said: “We created the biggest change in the history of Lotto, when we brought Lotto, Powerball and Strike to Wednesday as well as Saturday. Lotto on Wednesday has been really popular with our players, with more people playing our games more often. Now we’re making these games even better. We’ve listened to what players have asked for – more ways to win and bigger prizes.”

Saturday’s Lotto prize of NZ$1 million was split between three ticket holders, two of whom also shared the Powerball jackpot of NZ$7 million. A top prize of NZ$4 million will be on offer in Wednesday’s draw, and the game can be played online or via authorised retailers in New Zealand. Good luck!

‘Lolly and Polly’ Claim £15.3 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

Two best friends from Tyne and Wear are celebrating winning a UK Lotto jackpot of £15.3 million. Lorraine Smith and Paula Barraclough, known to one another as Lolly and Polly, landed the sizeable sum in the draw on Saturday 18th February after correctly matching the numbers 11, 13, 21, 37, 49 and 59.

The pair, who plan to share the eight-figure sum equally, were presented to the media on Wednesday at Lumley Castle in Chester-le-Street, and were still coming to terms with the enormity of the situation. “The news really is still sinking in,” Lorraine told reporters. “I thought I was hallucinating – I just thought this can’t really be happening. It was only when I got on the phone to Camelot I realised my best friend and I really were millionaires!”

The 54-year-old winner continued, sharing the story of how she came to purchase the lucky ticket: “I always stay at my mum’s house on Friday night. I was full of cold when I woke up on Saturday morning and went out to the bus stop at 6:30am for my journey to work.” However, once it became clear that the bus Lorraine was waiting to catch was not turning up, she sought shelter in a nearby newsagents. “I discovered I had a £2 coin and some loose change in my pocket so I popped into the local shop and bought a Lucky Dip Lotto ticket,” the recently widowed mother-of-one told journalists, never thinking that it was this snap decision that would change her life forever.

Best pal Paula went on to explain how her friend of 17 years broke the life-changing news. “I was in bed on Sunday morning and the phone rang at 7:15am. Lorraine never calls this early,” she recalled. “I picked up the phone and said to her ‘You better be calling to tell me that we have won the lottery, waking me up at this time!’” To which the voice of her sidekick replied: “We have! We have all six numbers!”

The attentions of the pair quickly turned to how their copious amounts of cash would be spent. After living with her parents, Paula, 45, is looking forward to moving into a place of her own:  “This win is life-changing, it means I will finally be able to move into a house of my own, rather than living with my parents and I can start to write my dream shopping list.” Meanwhile, Lorraine only had one purchase on her mind: “I literally threw my old frying pan away the day before I became a multi-millionaire so a new frying pan will definitely be one of the first things I will be buying.”

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a UK Lotto prize of your very own, or claim one as part of a close-knit collective, tickets for this Saturday’s £2 million draw are available to purchase online or from any authorised retailer. Best of luck!

Powerball Jackpot of $310 Million Sparks Excitement

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot has hit an incredible $310 million, a total that has sparked excitement amongst fans around the globe. The prize pot has been on the rise ever since a couple from Pennsylvania claimed a $121.6 million jackpot on Saturday 17th December last year – that’s a run of 16 consecutive rollovers.

Any player who manages to match all five main numbers and the Powerball in tonight’s draw will become the recipient of the largest Powerball prize since a group of 20 co-workers from Tennessee scooped $420.9 million on Saturday 26th November 2016.

A winner would also gain the honour of becoming the first Powerball jackpot winner of the year, an exploit that has provided some memorable moments in the past. From Star Wars fan B. Raymond Buxton, who waited until April Fools’ Day to collect his prize, to Marie Holmes, the single mother who scooped $564.1 million, the first jackpot winners of the year are usually worth the wait. Last year also maintained the trend, producing the largest jackpot in lottery history, as a $1.58 billion prize was shared between three lucky ticket holders.

In order to win tonight’s mammoth prize, players will have to achieve a feat that has not been managed for almost a year and win a Wednesday jackpot. The last player to successfully achieve a midweek victory was Florida resident James Stocklas, who won a sensational sum of $291.4 million on the 2nd March 2016.

To be in with a chance of landing tonight’s $310 million jackpot, tickets are available to purchase online or from any authorised retailer in participating states and jurisdictions. Good luck!

“Regular Guy” Wins £4.3 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

A UK Lotto winning dad from Greenock has insisted his recent good fortune won’t change him after he landed a share of an £8.7 million jackpot. James Couper secured the £4.3 million prize after becoming one of two players to successfully match the numbers 5, 21, 23, 34, 43 and 45 on Saturday 28th January, and admitted he’s “still trying to let it all sink in”.

“It’s scary but good scary,” the 46-year-old explained to reporters at a National Lottery-arranged press conference. “I’m just a regular guy, I keep myself to myself. I’m a typical go-to-work family man.” However, after purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket from his local Tesco Extra, this “regular guy” must now come to terms with being a Lotto millionaire.

The Caledonian MacBrayne’s Wemyss Bay port assistant regaled journalists with the heartwarming tale of how he played in memory of his mother Annie, who introduced him to the game before sadly passing away in 2015: “We had the same numbers,” James explained, visibly moved. “I didn’t want to keep the same numbers so I scrapped that and did the Lucky Dip.”

The father-of-two had neglected to check his numbers once the draw had taken place, and it wasn’t until asking a colleague at work the next day that he discovered his good fortune: “After the fourth number I thought, it’s going to be £50. Then he read out the next two and I thought he knew my lines and it was a joke. I grabbed the paper to check — and when I saw it there in black and white I was just in utter disbelief.”

James sprinted home to hide the valuable ticket in an old toy box, before becoming overwhelmed by the situation. “I was so stunned I sat in a dark room for a few hours with a cup of tea to let it sink in. I was looking at the ticket, sitting there shaking. I think more tea was on the floor than anywhere else. I kept checking if it was still there, if it was still real.”

The lucky Lotto winner has already started planning how to spend his vast sum, but has vowed to keep his feet firmly on the ground by staying in his hometown and not splashing out on a mansion in an exotic location: “I’ve lived in Greenock all my life. I want to stay there — I might get somewhere in the west end,” said the proud local. However, the grandfather-of-one does plan on treating his family with the windfall: “It sounds corny but I couldn’t afford Disney World before and now I can.”

The newly crowned millionaire also has his eyes set on a number of new motors, but not ones traditionally associated with lottery winners: “I’ll probably buy a motorbike, something cheap, a simple moped,” he said. “But I need to get myself a car, nothing fancy because the insurance is too dear. It’s a [Ford] Focus I fancy.”

If you’d like to follow in James’ footsteps by securing a huge Lotto win, tickets for Wednesday’s £7.2 million jackpot draw are available to purchase online or from any authorised retailer across the UK. Best of luck!

Five Ways to Spend Friday Night’s €80 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

The jackpot for this Friday’s EuroMillions draw has rocketed to an incredible €80 million. But what would you do with all that money if you won? Here are a few ideas.

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