Spain’s La Primitiva Offers Biggest Ever Jackpot

Participants in Spain’s La Primitiva lottery will have a record €78 million to play for on Thursday night. This massive prize eclipses the game’s previous biggest ever jackpot of €70.2 million, which was shared by two players on Saturday 22nd February 2014. Hopeful lottery fans in Spain and across the world are snapping up tickets for tomorrow night’s draw, dreaming of hitting the big time in this much-loved game.

In order to play La Primitiva, ticket holders must choose six numbers from a pool of 49. Each line played in the game is randomly assigned a Reintegro number between 0 and 9, and prizes range from €1 for matching that Reintegro number to the one drawn on the night up to the multimillion-Euro jackpot for matching all six main numbers and the Reintegro. If you don’t manage to match the Reintegro, there are still seven-figure prizes available for matching the six main numbers drawn.

A Complementario Number is dispensed from the same pool as the six main balls and boosts the prize for players who match it along with five main numbers, similar to the Bonus Ball in UK Lotto.

The last time anyone won the jackpot on La Primitiva was on Saturday 28th March, when a player who bought their ticket in Sant Climent de Llobregat in Catalonia picked up €17.1 million. Since then, there have been 44 rollovers, leading up to Thursday night’s massive €78 million prize pot.

La Primitiva tickets are on sale now online and from authorised retailers across Spain. Good luck!

Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw Worth AU$20 Million

Fans of Australia’s Saturday Lotto have a AU$20 million Division 1 prize to play for this week thanks to the lottery’s latest Superdraw. Whatever your relationship status, Valentine’s Day 2015 could be memorable for you if you buy some tickets for Saturday Lotto, which is also known as Tatts Lotto, Gold Lotto and X Lotto.

Simply pick six numbers from 45 and match them all to win a share of this Saturday’s AU$20 million bonanza. Even if you don’t bag the big one, there are prizes awarded for matching anything from one main number and both Supplementary Numbers upwards. See the Australia Saturday Lotto page for more information on this exciting lottery game.

With a share of AU$20 million, you could instantly type out your resignation letter from work. Then it would be a matter of browsing online for the perfect mansion and dropping into sports car dealerships to indulge in a few test drives before making your mind up. You would never need to worry about cash again, knowing that you had a few million languishing in the bank.

Tickets are available from retailers across Australia, with overseas players able to take advantage of lottery concierge services. They have staff based in the country who will make the ticket purchase on your behalf. You will then receive a scan of your entries and the service will even guide you through the claims process if you are due an Australia Saturday Lotto prize. To find out more on how to use this safe and secure service, click on the Lotto Tickets tab now and get involved with the Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw.

Powerball Jackpot Hits $450 Million for Wednesday’s Draw

The Powerball jackpot has rolled over and increased to $450 million (cash option of $304.1 million) after no one could match all five main numbers and the Powerball selected in last Saturday’s draw. Anticipation – and ticket sales – are expected to be high as people buy multiple tickets, create office pools with their coworkers and start planning on which numbers they’ll use on their entries for Wednesday’s game.

Powerball has suffered from a lack of large jackpots over the last year; the last time the value of the top prize exceeded $400 million was in February 2014. B. Raymond Buxton eventually snapped up a $425.3 million payout on February 19th of that year, though he waited until April Fools’ Day to come forward as the winner. Since then, there have been a few nine-figure prizes snapped up by lucky winners, but nothing approaching the half-billion mark, and nothing nearly as big as the $590.5 million prize won by Gloria Mackenzie in May 2013, which set a record for the largest prize won by a single ticket holder.

If the $450 million prize is won this week, it will be one of the biggest in the game’s history. Even after the federal and state withholding are deducted, a potential winner would still have a nine-figure windfall sitting pretty in their bank account with which they could do whatever they wanted. A private helicopter, a mansion in the Bahamas – you name it, you could have it if you beat the odds and win big.

There’s still time to get involved in this incredible game, so make sure you buy Powerball tickets in good time before sales stop on Wednesday evening. You can play Powerball wherever you are in the world by visiting the Lotto Tickets page, or you can make your purchases in person by going to one of the countless authorised retailers located throughout the United States. Good luck and have fun!

Saturday Lotto Superdraw Set to Take Place on 1st November

Fans of Australia’s Saturday Lotto will be waiting impatiently for the weekend to arrive, and not just because they want a couple days off of work! There is a planned Superdraw with a guaranteed jackpot of AU$21 million up for grabs on Saturday 1st November.

There have been seven Superdraws so far this year, with this weekend’s draw bringing that number up to eight. So far, dozens of ticket holders have scooped multi-million dollar prizes in each of these draws, splitting a total of AU$155 million in prizes this year. Visit the Australia Saturday Lotto Results Archive to access full details about each of these Superdraws.

A far cry from the minimum jackpot of AU$4 million that is typically offered up in Saturday Lotto draws, winning a piece of the Superdraw top prize will change a winner’s life forever. Fancy cars, new homes and exotic holidays would be within their grasp and they’d have more than enough left over to live a life of luxury and comfort for a long time to come.

Think that you can beat the odds and win a great Saturday Lotto Superdraw prize? Ticket sales are open until Saturday evening at 19.30 AEDT, so make sure to purchase your entries online or by visiting an authorised retailer. Good luck!

EuroMillions Jackpot Hits Cap of €190 Million

After another rollover on Tuesday 21st October, the EuroMillions jackpot has hit the cap of €190 million – a value not seen since August 2012. The current rollover streak began with planned Superdraw on Friday 3rd October, when no player was able to snap up the €100 million prize on offer that night. The jackpot has been just out of the grasp of players ever since. So how does the cap actually work?

When the EuroMillions jackpot cap is reached, a set of specific rules come into play. The top prize can only roll over once when it is set at €190 million. The extra funds generated through ticket sales that would go towards the jackpot in a normal draw are instead rolled down and shared equally among players in the winning tier closest to the jackpot regardless of whether or not there is a top prize winner.

If no one wins in the first draw at the cap, then the jackpot “rolls” over to the next draw, but is still valued at €190 million. If no player matches five main numbers and both Lucky Stars in the second draw, then the entire €190 million, along with excess money raised via ticket sales, is rolled down and distributed to players in the highest winning tier. Even if there is a jackpot winner in the second capped draw, ticket holders in the next winning tier (typically Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star) still receive an equal share of the additional funds raised.

All this means that the jackpot cap has the potential to create not just one but several big winners in a single draw! 

There’s still time to buy EuroMillions tickets online by clicking the Tickets tab or by visiting an authorised retailer to purchase them in person. Sales close at 8.30pm CEST, so set a reminder on your phone, leave a note on your desk or ask a friend to give you a call – do whatever it takes to ensure that you don’t miss out on your chance to win a life-changing sum of money. Good luck!

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