Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $218 Million

The Mega Millions jackpot stands at its highest amount for almost a year as players rush to snap up tickets for the next drawing and the chance to win a massive $218 million. The top prize has been rolling over since Michael Burkett from Seattle picked up $157 million on Tuesday March 8th, increasing the level of excitement ahead of tonight’s game.

It is not only the largest Mega Millions jackpot of 2016, but also the biggest top prize on the game since John Williams and Neal Logue of Illinois won $262 million on June 2nd last year. No other lottery in the world currently has a bigger jackpot on offer and fans of the game will be hoping to get their hands on the full amount to become the third top prize winner of the year.

The jackpot still falls well short of the record for the largest Mega Millions prize in history, which dates back to the drawing on March 30th 2012, when an astonishing $656 million was split three ways. However, there’s still a nine-figure sum up for grabs tonight! Find out more about what you could win at the Mega Millions Prizes page.

Mega Millions players have to match five main numbers from 1 to 75 and another Mega number between 1 and 15 to grab the jackpot, but there are lots of other ways to win. Over 2 million players landed prizes in the last drawing on Tuesday, including two lucky ticket holders who matched all five main numbers to win $1 million each.

If you fancy laying your hands a fabulous Mega Millions prize and possibly becoming the latest big winner, you’ll need to buy a ticket for the next drawing to be in with a chance. You can play Mega Millions from anywhere in the world; just visit the Lotto Tickets page to find out more. Good luck!

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Grows to €85.2 Million for Saturday

The SuperEnalotto jackpot continues to grow as the top prize reaches an incredible €85.2 million ahead of this Saturday’s draw. The jackpot is now so large that the game can happily boast the title of holding the largest lottery prize in Europe and the second largest jackpot in the world, behind U.S. giant Mega Millions, which stands at $187 million.

This amazing jackpot has been steadily building since the 16th of July 2015 when a player from Acireale won a life-changing top prize of €21.8 million. The game, which is considered by many to be the world’s most challenging, could be set to rewrite the record books should the jackpot continue to grow, but the total does still have some way to go to topple the €177.7 million claimed by a syndicate of 70 in October 2010 after purchasing their ticket in Milan.

However, the top prize is beginning to charge with some momentum towards the top of the table and could very soon overtake the €94.8 million prize won by a ticket holder in Catania in May 2012, a total that currently sits in fifth place on the table of top SuperEnalotto wins. Despite the best efforts of players in Italy and lottery enthusiasts the world over, the weeks keep passing with no winner. Players for across the globe will be desperate to end this run of 132 rollovers sooner rather than later, with the barren run now stretching back over ten months.

So, if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the continent’s largest prize and write your name in SuperEnalotto folklore, tickets for Italy’s favourite lottery game can be purchased online or from authorised retailers across Italy. The draw takes place this Saturday, and remember, you can’t win it if you’re not in it. Best of luck!

Powerball Jackpot Hits Astonishing $415 Million

With the furor surrounding January’s $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot seemingly having only just settled, Americans are preparing themselves for another massive prize giveaway in the shape of $415 million. Thanks to the top prize of $361.5 million going unclaimed in Wednesday night’s drawing, the jackpot ahead of Saturday has ballooned, exceeding the $400 million mark for just the seventh time in the game’s history. No one has matched the entire winning line since Wednesday March 2nd, when James Stocklas won $291.4 million while on vacation in Florida.

With the top prize increasing at such a rapid rate, interest in the U.S. will no doubt rocket in the coming days as Powerball players from Miami to Seattle begin to feel a renewed sense of excitement for the game. With only two of the 36 drawings this year producing winners, it could be that the jackpot will continue to grow, with some fans almost certainly hoping it is able to top the $1.58 billion bonanza seen back on January 13th 2016.

If the top prize is won on Saturday night, it could be that a brand-new winner is thrust into the lottery limelight very soon. While they would instantly become the seventh largest winner in the game’s history, they wouldn’t quite have what it takes to match the current runaway leader, Gloria MacKenzie of Florida, whose $590.5 million haul in May 2013 still stands as the largest single ticket win in lottery history.

With odds of over 1 in 292 million, it would take an extraordinary amount of luck to scoop the top prize, but it’s certainly by no means an impossible feat, as 351 players have discovered in almost a quarter of a century of Powerball drawings. Tickets for this gigantic jackpot are available to buy online, worldwide, as well as from authorised retailers throughout the U.S. Good luck and keep those fingers crossed!

EuroJackpot Top Prize Reaches €75 Million for Friday

EuroJackpot players will have a chance to try and win €75 million on Friday night after the top prize grew to the second largest amount in the history of the game. There have been eight rollovers since a participant from Finland matched all five main numbers and both Euro numbers on 22nd January to scoop €19.3 million, helping the top prize build up to astronomical proportions and sparking a rush of ticket sales.

The jackpot has only climbed higher on one previous occasion, when it reached its cap of €90 million in May 2015 and a player from the Czech Republic pocketed the lot to make EuroJackpot history. Before that, the record belonged to a Finnish ticket holder who won €61.1 million on 12th September 2014.

Friday’s game presents another fantastic opportunity for players to target an astonishing win, though if the top prize is not won there is a chance the top prize could reach its cap of €90 million for the following draw. Once the jackpot gets to €90 million, it will stay at this amount until it is won and any excess funds will spill down to the next tier. This means there can be millions in the pot for matching just five main numbers plus one Euro number!

There are 12 EuroJackpot prize tiers in total, so there are lots of ways to win even if you don’t come close to bagging the jackpot, and in the last draw on Friday 18th March there were over 968,000 ticket holders who claimed cash rewards. Players in the 17 participating countries will all hoping to strike it lucky in this week’s draw, while fans of the game from anywhere else in the world can also play EuroJackpot to try and snare the colossal jackpot. Good luck!

EuroMillions Jackpot Reaches £99 Million

Excitement is growing ahead of this Friday’s draw as players aim to become the first EuroMillions jackpot winner of 2016. With players unable to clinch any of the previous 11 top prizes, the next draw will see an astonishing £99 million (€131 million) up for grabs.

The jackpot was last won on Friday 18th December, when a lucky player from Spain collected a prize worth over £60.6 million (€83.2 million). However, since then there have been no enormous eight-figure pay-outs, with the last major windfall occurring on Tuesday 12th January to provide some light relief. The draw saw two lucky players correctly match five numbers to claim £624,487 (€833,543) each – still a life-changing amount of cash!

A win this Friday wouldn’t be enough for the victor to take over at the top of the biggest jackpot winners table, but it would catapult them spectacularly into the top 10 – 9th place, in case you were wondering.  While the exchange rate isn’t as favourable as when an anonymous UK winner scooped an incredible £113 million (approximately €129.8 million) in the draw on Friday 8th October 2010, you’d have enough in Euro to safely unseat them from their position on the leaderboard!

For UK players, the last Friday of every month is Mega Friday. While tomorrow’s special edition of the Millionaire Maker game is set to lavish seven players with £1 million each, there will also be an unforgettable trip to Dubai thrown in for good measure. The lucky winners will have the chance to spend a week living the high life in the city’s most luxurious hotel, indulging in extravagance as they sample the lifestyle of a millionaire.

To be in with a chance of winning Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot or even one of the amazing Mega Friday prizes, you can purchase tickets online or from authorised retailers. Who knows, it could be you celebrating a big win this weekend! Good luck!

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